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Easy Ice Cream ~ Hokey Pokey

Yields1 ServingPrep Time10 mins

Hokey pokey is a New Zealand Favorite, consisting of a rich vanilla ice cream with small pieces of honeycomb toffee. No need for an ice cream maker just a bowl and a beater.


 1 condensed milk or La Lechera)
 500 ml cream (or 1 pint)
 0.50 batch of hokey pokey
 1 tsp vanilla essence

Place hokey pokey in a bag and crush with a rolling pin


Beat cream and vanilla essence until not quite whipped (should be thick and have increased in volume).


Beat in the condensed milk.


Add the crushed hokey pokey.


Pour into a freezer container and leave to set.


Setting time will vary and dependant on use. It can be served semi-chilled or as thickened cream-mousse texture 1 hour+ or as ice cream usually fully set in 6-12 hours.


Condensed milk (AUS/NZ) and La Lechera (USA) are the same product. In Australia and New Zealand the can is 425g vs the 397g US Nestle La Lechera. One can is sufficient in both cases.


Cadbury Crunchie bars are similar to the Violet Crumble in Australia. I am not aware of any similar product in USA. They can be purchased on amazon or let me know in comments any alternative you have found.