Simply Kai: Let's Get Cooking

Cooking is an art that allows you to experiment with flavors and create something delicious that nourishes your body and soul. At Simply Kai, we're dedicated to helping you create home-cooked meals that are both easy and satisfying. Our recipes are designed to make the most of local ingredients and simple techniques, so you can enjoy delicious meals without spending hours in the kitchen.
Salt & Pepper FishDiscover the perfect balance of flavors in this Salt & Pepper Fish recipe, an intermediate level dish that serves 4 and is ready in just 20 minutes. Succulent cod fillets are marinated before being shallow-fried until crispy, golden brown. The dish is brought to life with a medley of garlic, chili, and ginger, for a delightful combination of spicy and tangy notes.
Beef Fried RiceIndulge in our mouth-watering Beef Fried Rice, a delectable fusion of tender beef strips, fluffy rice, and crunchy vegetables, all brought together in a savory soy sauce. This easy-to-prepare, one-pan wonder makes for a perfect weeknight dinner that will leave your taste buds craving more. Packed with protein and full of flavor, our Beef Fried Rice recipe is sure to become a family favorite.
Sun-dried Tomato Spinach PastaDiscover the delightful flavors of our Sun-dried Tomato Spinach Pasta, a luscious and creamy dish. Perfectly blended with the vibrant taste of sun-dried tomatoes and the nutritious goodness of baby spinach, this pasta dish is a versatile and crowd-pleasing favorite. Feel free to customize the recipe by incorporating your favorite ingredients.
Pecan Raspberry Blue SaladOur vibrant Pecan Raspberry Blue Salad, a harmonious blend of flavors that's sure to delight your senses. The honey-roasted pecans provide a delightful crunch and a touch of sweetness, complementing the rich, creamy blue cheese. The star of the dish is the exquisite raspberry and black walnut vinaigrette dressing, which ties all the elements together.
Balsamic Salmon DressingSavor the enticing flavors of our Balsamic Salmon Dressing, featuring a bold and zesty balsamic glaze that elevates both the salmon and your accompanying side salad. This sumptuous creation pairs beautifully with the tender, flaky fish, while the tangy dressing adds a delectable contrast to every bite.
Dijon Mustard SubstituteDiscover our Dijon Mustard Substitute, a lifesaver when you're in need of Dijon mustard for a recipe but find yourself short on supply. This flavorful and delightful alternative is crafted from simple ingredients yet delivers a taste that's strikingly similar to the original.
Easy Ice Cream ~ Hokey PokeyIndulge in our Easy Hokey Pokey Ice Cream, a beloved New Zealand classic featuring creamy vanilla ice cream studded with crunchy honeycomb toffee bits. With no ice cream maker required, all you need is a bowl and a beater to create this delightful frozen treat.
Hokey Pokey HoneycombDelight in our Hokey Pokey Honeycomb, a scrumptious honeycomb toffee treat beloved in New Zealand and the UK. Enjoy its sweet, airy, and crunchy texture on its own or elevate your desserts by adding crushed pieces to cookies, ice cream, or cakes.
Salmon Edamame Soba NoodlesExperience our Salmon Edamame Soba Noodles, a wholesome and flavorful meal that's sure to satisfy. This delightful dish features tender salmon paired with soba noodles, while the soy ginger sauce brings out the rich flavors. Edamame and carrots add a delightful crunch, creating a perfect balance.
Crispy Salmon Skin ChipsIndulge in our Crispy Salmon Skin Chips, a delightfully savory and addictive treat for those who relish the taste of salmon skin. Convert it into irresistibly crunchy and delicious chips. Enjoy the unparalleled taste and texture of this unique snack that's sure to become a personal favorite.
Ricotta and Spinach Stuffed SalmonSavor our Ricotta and Spinach Stuffed Salmon, featuring succulent roasted salmon filled with a luscious, creamy blend of ricotta and spinach. Complement this sumptuous main course with your choice of vegetables and sides to create a well-rounded, nourishing meal. Indulge in this healthy, hearty dish that is both satisfying and brimming with flavor.
Chocolate Raspberry Marble CakeIndulge in our Chocolate Raspberry Marble Cake, a delightful symphony of bittersweet dark chocolate and tangy raspberry flavors intricately swirled together. This captivating dessert offers a perfect balance of rich, decadent chocolate and the refreshing zing of raspberries, creating a truly memorable treat for your taste buds.
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