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Easy Ice Cream ~ Hokey PokeyHokey pokey is a New Zealand Favorite, consisting of a rich vanilla ice cream with small pieces of honeycomb toffee. No need for an ice cream maker just a bowl and a beater.
Hokey Pokey HoneycombHokey pokey is a honeycomb toffee common in New Zealand and the UK. Eat as is or crushed and added to cookies, ice cream or cakes.
Easy Ice Cream – Caramel CrunchA rich caramel flavor with chocolate and toffee pieces blended through giving it that hokey pokey flavor of home. No need for an ice cream maker just a bowl and a beater.
Vanilla Shrewsbury BiscuitsMy twist on the traditional Shrewsbury Biscuit! A delicious 2 layered biscuit joined together by a rich jam filling.
ANZAC BiscuitsDelicious oat and coconut biscuits. ANZAC biscuits were sent to soldiers abroad because the ingredients did not spoil easily. ANZAC DAY (April 25) marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during World War 1.
Macadamia White Choc Chip CookiesWhite chocolate and macadamia nuts go together perfectly for that creamy crunchy flavor! Modified to lower the sugar while remaining a sweet treat.
NZ Traditional Afghan BiscuitsCrunchy chocolate goodness, a great way to use left over cornflakes! A biscuit in NZ is the same as an American cookie. An American biscuit is more like what the Brits would call a scone!
Easy Ice Cream – Mint ChocolateA decadent ice cream that is super easy to make. No need for an ice cream maker just a bowl and an beater! Minty chocolate goodness not for you then try our other flavour suggestions or discover your own.