Simply Kai: Let's Get Cooking

Cooking is an art that allows you to experiment with flavors and create something delicious that nourishes your body and soul. At Simply Kai, we're dedicated to helping you create home-cooked meals that are both easy and satisfying. Our recipes are designed to make the most of local ingredients and simple techniques, so you can enjoy delicious meals without spending hours in the kitchen.
Chunky Chicken SoupDiscover our hearty Chunky Chicken Soup, a deliciously satisfying recipe brimming with tender chicken pieces and a creamy broth. This soul-warming soup is perfect for filling you up without the guilt, as it remains delightfully low in calories. Enjoy the comforting goodness and rich flavors that make this dish a true culinary delight.
Easy Ice Cream – Caramel CrunchIndulge in our Easy Caramel Crunch Ice Cream, a luscious blend of rich caramel swirled with chocolate and toffee bits, evoking the comforting taste of homemade hokey pokey ice cream. With no ice cream maker required, simply grab a bowl and a beater to create this delectable frozen treat.
Vanilla Shrewsbury BiscuitsDelight in our Vanilla Shrewsbury Biscuits, a delightful spin on the classic treat! Savor the scrumptious two-layered biscuit, brought together by a rich, fruity jam filling. These delectable cookies offer a perfect blend of crumbly texture and sweet flavors, making them an irresistible addition to your favorite teatime indulgences.
ANZAC BiscuitsDelicious ANZAC Biscuits, featuring a delightful blend of oats and coconut. These biscuits were sent to soldiers abroad, as their ingredients had impressive shelf life. ANZAC Day, April 25, is the anniversary of the first major military action by Australian and New Zealand forces during WW1. Try these scrumptious, time-honored treats.
Crunchy Salmon CakesOur appetizing Crunchy Salmon Cakes, featuring chunky salmon pieces encased in a crispy, golden coating. This versatile recipe is easily customizable to incorporate your favorite ingredients. Enjoy the satisfying blend of flavors and textures in these delectable, easy-to-make salmon cakes.
Macadamia White Choc Chip CookiesIndulge in Macadamia White Choc Chip Cookies, where the combination of creamy white chocolate and crunchy macadamia nuts creates an irresistible flavor. This revamped recipe maintains its sweet allure while reducing sugar content, ensuring you can enjoy a delicious treat guilt-free.
Creamy Potato and Ham Chunky SoupCozy up with our Creamy Potato and Ham Chunky Soup, a thick, luscious concoction brimming with flavor, perfect for chilly nights. This heartwarming soup is an excellent way to make use of leftover ham. Relish the comforting blend of tastes and textures in this delightful dish.
Milk Chocolate RoughsIndulge in our Milk Chocolate Roughs, a delightful treat featuring the irresistible combination of crunchy cornflakes and velvety milk chocolate. These scrumptious morsels are perfect for leftover cornflakes, transforming them into a delectable dessert that's sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Angus Beef Hot DogDelight in our Angus Beef Hot Dog, featuring a few simple tricks that elevate this classic treat to a whole new level of flavor. Indulge in the mouthwatering combination of savory butter, tangy mustard, and melty cheese, creating an irresistible and satisfying hot dog experience you won't forget.
Chicken Spinach Cheese SwirlsDelight your guests with our Chicken Spinach Cheese Swirls, an irresistible party favorite! This versatile recipe yields a generous quantity and can be easily adapted. Explore many variations such as Bacon, Chorizo, Salmon, or Vegetarian to create a crowd-pleasing appetizer.
Easy Ice Cream – Mint ChocolateIndulge in our Easy Mint Chocolate Ice Cream, a luscious and refreshing treat that's a breeze to make. With no ice cream maker required, just a bowl and a beater, you can create this delightful minty chocolate dessert. If mint chocolate isn't your favorite, explore our other flavor combinations.
Chocolate Chip ChipsIntroducing our playful Chocolate Chip Chips, a lighthearted recipe that's easy, quick, and sure to bring a smile to your face. This humor-infused recipe category is all about fun and laughter. Enjoy the simplicity of chocolate chips in a bowl, and let your culinary whimsy run free.
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